About SSO

The company SSO was founded in 2015 with the goal to create parts and kits to make “old” motorcycles simply better. With the founding I was able to combine my extensive and long-time R&D and manufacturing experience with my even longer affection for motorcycles.

Especially bikes from the 70s and 80s have a very authentic charm. Even if it is tried by modern retro bikes to copy this – they are still a copy. But time is nagging on the original ones. Besides the problems that are coming with the age, there are sometimes design flaws that we simply can make better today.

That`s the point where we start:
Based on state-of-the-art 3D-scanning, CAD/CAM-systems and manufacturing methods we are developing and producing parts and complete kits to modify the bike.

We especially like doing “one of a kind” stuff, based on customer requirement. Our main target is to improve the performance and function of the motorcycle, but we usually have a close look at design, too. Let`s be honest, we all like to look at our bike and appreciate it.

Quality is hereby always our priority. We always use the most suitable materials and manufacturing technics – without any compromises.

Besides the mechanical side we also take care about the electrics. We create individual electric concepts usually with modern state of the art components. Therefore, we develop and manufacture our own wiring looms.

Naturally, we focus here on quality and reliability, too. So, you will not get any “show wiring” from us that is based on too thin cables with unsuitable connectors or has no connectors at all. We are always open to help with small or big problems. Usually, we find even for seemingly hopeless problems a solution.

Apart from the above-mentioned points we are building complete bikes from time to time. Sometimes as a result of a development project and sometimes the build will start a bunch of new developments.

And in case you are wondering what SSO stands for: Stephan Schaaf Oberstadtfeld. My name and the place where we are located. By the way, just 27km away from the Nürburgring.